Heavy Metal Testing

2014 research studies by independent labs in US and Europe found high heavy metal content in many popular proteins powders. Tests results show protein powders contained lead and cadmium and other metals that can be harmful for public health. It wasn't just whey protein that was scrutinised, plant based protein supplements, especially rice protein, contained high levels of a heavy metal called tungsten. Whether or not a product is certified organic does not impact if a protein powder is high or low in heavy metals. 

Third Wave Nutrition developed a lab-test 10 times more sensitive than other commercial tests available to ensure low levels of tungsten. Even at 50ppb, an extremely low level, no detectable levels are found in our organic rice protein. TWN provide protein supplements with a clean label backed by third party lab tests so you can be sure of the nutritional value of our protein products. TWN never sold a single bag of plant-based protein with high levels of tungsten. We never compromised quality; we care and protect public health even if legislation unfortunately does not. 

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