Rebekka Dahl

My name is Rebekka Dahl and I'm a plant-based jujitsu fighter from Denmark. Besides spending most of my time practicing, I am studying Sports Psychology at Copenhagen University. I have been on the Danish National Team for the past 7 years. In those years, I have achieved some really decent results. These includes winning the World Championships in U18 and U21 and four bronze medals. The one I am mostly proud of was winning the World Games in 2018, where I ended as number 1 on the world rankings. Now, I am aiming at winning the World Championship and qualify for the World Games in 2021 in the new weight class I have reached.

Living healthy is very important for me and plant-based nutrition play a crucial part in my life. Not only for my performance but also for my general well-being. For a long time I have used Plantforce vegan proteins to upgrade my nutrition to meet the high demands of being a high level athlete. 

I really enjoy using the products from Third Wave Nutrition as they offer great quality and it's a very useful addition to my physically active plant-based lifestyle.

Instagram: @rebekka_dahl

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