Philip & Stefan Due Schmidt

For us as elite speed skaters, our sport requires lots of strength as well as endurance. On average we train more than 20 hours per week, but not just skating, also including everything from explosive weight-sessions to 5 hour-long endurance bike rides. Rebuilding our muscle fibers and recovering between these many sessions are absolute key to us!

Supplementing with Plantforce Synergy Protein right after weight-sessions, has helped us improve our power in the weight-room, as well as our speed out on our skates. Furthermore, it has helped us recover better and quicker after hard biking or skating interval sessions. The chocolate flavor is our personal favorite with its natural delicious cacao-taste and without the synthetic sweetness that a lot of other protein-powder products have.

The Mag Osteo powder has helped us to prevent cramps, which has been a challenge for the both of us the past few years. For long bike- and skating-sessions, we add the powder in our drinking bottles, to optimize during training and competition.

It is essential for us to know that our supplements have been produced properly, don’t contain any harmful substances and it is tested according to the highest standard – and thus we have chosen Third Wave Nutrition.

We are pleased to be able to use Third Wave Nutrition’s product in order to help us perform at major events such as World Cups, European Championships, World Championships and Olympics.






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