Patrick Moore Jones

My name is Patrick and I’m a personal trainer and nutrition expert, specializing in plant-based nutrition and supplementation. Having run my own PT business, Mojo Wellbeing Ltd, since 2010, I have the benefit of 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. Mojo Wellbeing, as the name suggests, is about more than just exercise. My approach goes beyond fitness, and having qualified as a nutritionist in 2016, nutrition consulting became an equally important feature of my work as exercise. I need to maintain specialist and up-to-date knowledge of what nutritional products and supplementation is out there and which fad diets and products need to be avoided by my clients. 
After thinking I’d found the right products, I was shocked to find that that the brands I trusted did not actually manufacture the products themselves, and they often contained high levels of heavy metals. I needed to find a product that I could trust, and that I could recommend to my clients with confidence. Third Wave Nutrition meets this need perfectly; it is pure, organic and ethical. I’m delighted to put my name to this brand, and encourage others to reap the nutritional benefits these products have to offer. 
Instagram: @mojowellbeing  

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