Natacha Jagd

I’m Natacha Jagd, a passionated rock climber from Denmark. As Denmark may be flat as a pancake, most of my training happens in indoors climbing centres. To reach the rocks and more suitable terrain, I spend a lot of my time on the road visiting beautiful scenic places all over Europe.

I consider climbing as a big privilege. To me climbing is equal a lot of traveling, discovering new places, meeting new people and pushing myself. the puzzle of how to continue getting stronger, testing my discipline, patience, and trust in myself. Basically, it’s the funniest game for me and I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I can play it. What really excites me about my passion for climbing is that I always have to find new ways of continuing getting stronger - both physical and mentally. Climbing does not only test my physically limits - it is a never-ending game of testing my self-disciplin, patience and belief in myself.

I’m always looking on the lookout for ways to optimize my training. To me this includes living a healthy lifestyle where I give my body the best possible nutrition. Third Wave Nutrition fits perfectly into my idea of of healthy and sustainable products! I’m very humbled to represent that reflect my values and are consistently dedicatd to make making vegan, clean and delicious products.

Instagram: @natachajagd

Photograhy: Moritz Attenberger

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