Gabriella Luisa

Hi, I'm Gabriella - a 25 y/o Vegan Bodybuilder + Bikini Competitor from Wales, UK.

I have been living a plant-based lifestyle for just over a year now and began lifting weights earlier this year.

One of the biggest concerns as an athlete and bodybuilder is ensuring I get enough protein intake... especially on a vegan diet.

Being an all natural girl I was extremely hesitant to turn to a supplement knowing the rubbish that is put into them these days. Trying to find a plant based all natural protein blend that tasted great proved to be a very difficult task but I soon stumbled across Third Wave Nutrition's Plantforce Synergy Protein Powder.

It was love at first taste.

Having such a clean diet means my tastebuds are highly sensitive to nasty chemicals and poor quality ingredients and this was like nothing I had ever tried before. I could instantly taste the difference of the high quality and organic ingredients used and my body felt replenished and nourished from it.

Finally a product created by a company that genuinely CARE about the ingredients and quality of what they are selling to their consumers. A product that wasn't going to cause me any long term health damage and made from only the finest ALL natural ingredients! Hallelujah!

I haven't looked back since discovering this stuff and I have spent most of this year building some incredibly strong, lean and quality muscle using Plantforce Synergy Protein Powder.

I have 4-5 shakes a day and they are the highlight of my day!

Shout out to the creators - absolutely nailed it and I am so grateful to have finally discovered a product I can trust to consume at the levels I need to as a Vegan Athlete.



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