Coach Koubti

I started training martial arts in 1992, it started with karate, then boxing in 1995 and thai boxing in 1997 before I first became acquainted with MMA in 2002, which I have been training since. I have fought MMA both as an amateur and professional, and compete at times still grappling as well as BJJ. I am's MMA Head Coach and teaches most of Denmark's best fighters in the world's elite who compete in big shows like UFC, ACB, Bellator, Invicta, GMC, Superior challenge, etc. I was also Denmark's first MMA coach and stood in charge of the national team during the first MMA World Cup in 2014, where we brought home two gold medals. Since I stopped my Pro MMA career in 2008, I have always taught other fighters and been very passionate about it. It's not just a sport but a lifestyle for me, the same way as living an active and healthy life.

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