Christina Wrem Carlsen

Having trained myself for many years I’ve tried a wide range of protein powders and nutritional supplements to support my active lifestyle and health. Once I decided to make the health & fitness industry my new career path and started educating myself within fitness and nutrition, I was shocked when realizing the amount of low quality and deceitful marketing there is on the market.

I started being more critical towards the nutritional brands and products I was not only using myself but also recommending to my clients.

That’s when I FINALLY discovered Third Wave Nutrition and the fantastic Plantforce product series. I was very grateful to find a company whose values matched my own and who produces their own products with strict, controlled protocol.
Clean plant based protein combined with a fast-acting and highly absorbable ionic magnesium citrate powder is the perfect combo of supplements for an active lifestyle. Not only is Plantforce the cleanest product range I’ve found on the market, but they also taste great & actually work – bonus!

I highly recommend the Plantforce products from Third Wave Nutrition. These are the real deal and I couldn’t be more proud to be able to represent them and spreading the good word & knowledge.

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