Amanda Poulsen

My name is Amanda Poulsen, I'm 25 years old. I have been part of the Danish national team in Olympic weightlifting since 2016. I am several times Danish champion of Olympic weightlifting.

I work as a teacher and crossfit instructor. My daily exercise routine often runs between 3-5 hours.

In March 2018 I participated in the European Championship, which was a fantastic experience. The dream for 2018 is therefore to qualify and participate in the World Championships in weightlifting. My plan is to work hard and dedicate my time to reaching my goal. Therefore, I am also forever grateful for the help, support and guidance provided by Third Wave Nutrition. Their products are the best I've tried, and as a top priority, it's absolutely important to get the necessary grants. In addition, their underlying knowledge is huge and they always provide guidance in relation to the needs I may have.

Weight lifting is not a Team-Denmark supported sport. This means that all expenses are paid by the athlete himself. That Third Wave Nutrition will support my weightlifting, therefore, means a lot to me as they help to realize my dreams. I highly recommend Plantforce’s natural products.




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