Gaz Oakley

Vegan Chef

Gaz Oakley

I’m Gaz Oakley, Vegan Chef, YouTuber and Author from Wales but based in London. I’ve been vegan for 4 years and I’ve struggled to find a vegan protein blend that I like. I use Plantforce because it’s a 100% vegan brand, the protein is clean and natural plus the taste is excellent. I’ve always been into fitness and I get the best results from Plantforce after training. I frequently use Plantforce Protein in my recipe videos as well as my shakes. The guys have done a great job creating a delicious blend that is 100% vegan from the ground up.

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Patrick Moore Jones


Patrick Moore Jones

Hi, my name is Patrick and I’m a personal trainer and nutrition expert, specializing in plant-based nutrition and supplementation. Having run my own PT business, Mojo Wellbeing Ltd, since 2010, I have the benefit of 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. Mojo Wellbeing, as the name suggests, is about more than just exercise. My approach goes beyond fitness, and having qualified as a nutritionist in 2016, nutrition consulting became an equally important feature of my work as exercise. I need to maintain specialist and up-to-date knowledge of what nutritional products and supplementation is out there and which fad diets and products need to be avoided by my clients. 
After thinking I’d found the right products, I was shocked to find that that the brands I trusted did not actually manufacture the products themselves, and they often contained high levels of heavy metals. I needed to find a product that I could trust, and that I could recommend to my clients with confidence. Third Wave Nutrition meets this need perfectly; it is pure, organic and ethical. I’m delighted to put my name to this brand, and encourage others to reap the nutritional benefits these products have to offer. 

Coach Koubti

MMA Head Coach

Coach Koubti

I started training martial arts in 1992, it started with karate, then boxing in 1995 and thai boxing in 1997 before I first became acquainted with MMA in 2002, which I have been training since. I have fought MMA both as an amateur and professional, and compete at times still grappling as well as BJJ. I am's MMA Head Coach and teaches most of Denmark's best fighters in the world's elite who compete in big shows like UFC, ACB, Bellator, Invicta, GMC, Superior challenge, etc. I was also Denmark's first MMA coach and stood in charge of the national team during the first MMA World Cup in 2014, where we brought home two gold medals. Since I stopped my Pro MMA career in 2008, I have always taught other fighters and been very passionate about it. It's not just a sport but a lifestyle for me, the same way as living an active and healthy life.

I have used the Plantforce products for the past many years and I must honestly say that I have never used better products. Whether you're a top athlete or just want a healthy supplement to your everyday life, Plantforce is the right choice for you. Plantforce produces 100% natural products of the highest quality. These products are thoroughly tested, and it doesnt get any better than this.

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Philip & Stefan Due Schmidt

Elite Speed Skaters

Philip & Stefan Due Schmidt

For us as elite speed skaters, our sport requires lots of strength as well as endurance. On average we train more than 20 hours per week, but not just skating, also including everything from explosive weight-sessions to 5 hour-long endurance bike rides. Rebuilding our muscle fibers and recovering between these many sessions are absolute key to us!

Supplementing with Plantforce Synergy Protein right after weight-sessions, has helped us improve our power in the weight-room, as well as our speed out on our skates. Furthermore, it has helped us recover better and quicker after hard biking or skating interval sessions. The chocolate flavor is our personal favorite with its natural delicious cacao-taste and without the synthetic sweetness that a lot of other protein-powder products have.

The Mag Osteo powder has helped us to prevent cramps, which has been a challenge for the both of us the past few years. For long bike- and skating-sessions, we add the powder in our drinking bottles, to optimize during training and competition.

It is essential for us to know that our supplements have been produced properly, don’t contain any harmful substances and it is tested according to the highest standard – and thus we have chosen Third Wave Nutrition.

We are pleased to be able to use Third Wave Nutrition’s product in order to help us perform at major events such as World Cups, European Championships, World Championships and Olympics.






Amanda Poulsen

Professional Weight Lifter

Amanda Poulsen

My name is Amanda Poulsen, I'm 25 years old. I have been part of the Danish national team in Olympic weightlifting since 2016. I am several times Danish champion of Olympic weightlifting.

I work as a teacher and crossfit instructor. My daily exercise routine often runs between 3-5 hours.

In March 2018 I participated in the European Championship, which was a fantastic experience. The dream for 2018 is therefore to qualify and participate in the World Championships in weightlifting. My plan is to work hard and dedicate my time to reaching my goal. Therefore, I am also forever grateful for the help, support and guidance provided by Third Wave Nutrition. Their products are the best I've tried, and as a top priority, it's absolutely important to get the necessary grants. In addition, their underlying knowledge is huge and they always provide guidance in relation to the needs I may have.

Weight lifting is not a Team-Denmark supported sport. This means that all expenses are paid by the athlete himself. That Third Wave Nutrition will support my weightlifting, therefore, means a lot to me as they help to realize my dreams. I highly recommend Plantforce’s natural products.




Gabriella Luisa

The Vegan Bodybuilder

Gabriella Luisa

Hi, I'm Gabriella - a 25 y/o Vegan Bodybuilder + Bikini Competitor from Wales, UK.

I have been living a plant-based lifestyle for just over a year now and began lifting weights earlier this year.

One of the biggest concerns as an athlete and bodybuilder is ensuring I get enough protein intake... especially on a vegan diet.

Being an all natural girl I was extremely hesitant to turn to a supplement knowing the rubbish that is put into them these days. Trying to find a plant based all natural protein blend that tasted great proved to be a very difficult task but I soon stumbled across Third Wave Nutrition's Plantforce Synergy Protein Powder.

It was love at first taste.

Having such a clean diet means my tastebuds are highly sensitive to nasty chemicals and poor quality ingredients and this was like nothing I had ever tried before. I could instantly taste the difference of the high quality and organic ingredients used and my body felt replenished and nourished from it.

Finally a product created by a company that genuinely CARE about the ingredients and quality of what they are selling to their consumers. A product that wasn't going to cause me any long term health damage and made from only the finest ALL natural ingredients! Hallelujah!

I haven't looked back since discovering this stuff and I have spent most of this year building some incredibly strong, lean and quality muscle using Plantforce Synergy Protein Powder.

I have 4-5 shakes a day and they are the highlight of my day!

Shout out to the creators - absolutely nailed it and I am so grateful to have finally discovered a product I can trust to consume at the levels I need to as a Vegan Athlete.



Line Johansen

Professional Football Player

Line Johansen

As a professional football player, i have training in my daily program. I'm using Plantforce Synergy Protein to make sure my body can recover optimally. Especially on days of high training intensity, I am very aware of getting a supplement of the protein mix in ex. smoothies, shakes, pancakes or even a bowl of oatmeal. I am interested in sustainability and also want a protein that is not wheat-based. Therefore, it means alot to me that Plantforce Synergy Protein is plant-based, gluten-free and made from natural raw materials.




Donna Berglund

Professional Powerlifter and Weightlifter

Donna Berglund

My name is Donna Berglund I’m 20 years old and live in Sweden. I compete in Classic Powerlifting and Weightlifting. I’m a part of the national team in Powerlifting.
I’m a World, European, Nordic & Swedish Champion in classic benchpress and Swedish Champion in Classic Powerlifting.

I’m currently studying Sports Education in Stockholm. I train 6 times a week, both Powerlifting and Weightlifting which I’ve done for the last 6 years. My dream is to be a World Champion in Classic Powerlifting and to qualify in Weightlifting in an International Championship. I want to push myself to reach my own limit and see how far I can go and I’m completely dedicated to do what it takes. I love the progress of the hard work to reach my goals and I’m very grateful to have the support of Third Wave Nutrition and their fantastic clean products with me on this journey. I truly do recommend their products for a complete nutritional regime. With such regular intense training I can feel my body needs the extra nutritional support which the Plantforce products truly fulfil. My recovery is also much better and faster, which is amazing. I’m infinitely grateful for their support.




Christina Wrem Carlsen

Personal Trainer

Christina Wrem Carlsen

Having trained myself for many years I’ve tried a wide range of protein powders and nutritional supplements to support my active lifestyle and health. Once I decided to make the health & fitness industry my new career path and started educating myself within fitness and nutrition, I was shocked when realizing the amount of low quality and deceitful marketing there is on the market.

I started being more critical towards the nutritional brands and products I was not only using myself but also recommending to my clients.

That’s when I FINALLY discovered Third Wave Nutrition and the fantastic Plantforce product series. I was very grateful to find a company whose values matched my own and who produces their own products with strict, controlled protocol.
Clean plant based protein combined with a fast-acting and highly absorbable ionic magnesium citrate powder is the perfect combo of supplements for an active lifestyle. Not only is Plantforce the cleanest product range I’ve found on the market, but they also taste great & actually work – bonus!

I highly recommend the Plantforce products from Third Wave Nutrition. These are the real deal and I couldn’t be more proud to be able to represent them and spreading the good word & knowledge.

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